About us


A pioneer in the portable power industry, Flashfish innovation improves mobile living and outdoor life. Now you have the energy and power to go where you want to be.


Since 2010, flashfish has been committed to providing outdoor green power solutions for explorers and outdoor enthusiasts. Combining any portable power station with solar panel(s) creates a solar generator. Flashfish Solar Generators were designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Our clean, quiet, and convenient solar generators allow you, the explorer, to enjoy an endless supply of power on your outdoor adventures. They also act as a reliable backup power source at home. We want everyone to enjoy the outdoor life.
However, our innovation and drive to make clean, portable outdoor energy possible didn't stop there.

Certified Quality Made by Flashfish

All Flashfish power products have been certified to meet regulatory, safety, and environmental standards that meet or exceed market demand. In addition, we are committed to strict quality control, customer service, and reliability that earn the trust of our customers.

​​​​​​​Flashfish encourages everyone to enjoy nature and outdoor life.