What does the weight of a power station depend on?

What does the weight of a power station depend on?

For big power station, 4 points:

1. Battery type; 2. Battery capacity; 3. Battery quality; 4. Inverter; 5. Strength and quality of internal and external structural parts

For small power station, 4 points: 

1. Battery type; 2. Battery capacity; 3. Battery quality; 4. Inverter; 5.Shell

Regarding the Battery type; Battery capacity; Battery quality points, I have already mentioned them in detail in an article called "Battery Types and Comparisons of Power Stations" (if you want to know more, please click here). This article mainly talk about how "Internal and external structural parts" and "Shell"affect The weight of the power station.


The internal structural parts mainly include the following:

Main Frame: It supports the product structure of the power station, provides a certain degree of rigidity, and protects the motherboard, battery and other components together with the casing, providing higher reliability in situations such as drops, collisions, and transportation.

*The picture above shows the main frame of the FT3600’s electroplated aviation-grade stainless steel material.The four-corner high-hardness alloy spacers provide shock resistance and 1.2m drop resistance.


Battery pack protection frame: This is mainly used to fix the battery and provide the battery with stronger protection, anti-fall, and anti-shake.

*The lower battery part shown in the picture above is the battery fixation and protection frame of the FT3600. It is also made of electroplated aviation-grade stainless steel to provide shock resistance and drop resistance.


The external structure includes the following parts: 

Shell: A good shell can not only affect the appearance, but also be anti-shake and anti-fall. Different material and grades have different weights and hardnesses. The materials are also divided into whether they are environmentally friendly and flame retardant.

*The picture above shows the FT3600 shell, which is made of environmentally friendly ABS material, which is strong and flame-retardant.

*The picture above shows the G300 shell. It uses a lightweight stainless steel shell, which is strong and flame retardant.


PS: Generally, low-power and portable power stations usually do not add too many other anti-fall and anti-shake structural parts in order to be smaller and more compact, so the quality of the casing is particularly important.

Because of this, the casing of a low-power portable power station also accounts for a large proportion of its weight.

The above is all the explanation and display about 《The impact of "Internal and external structural parts" and "Shell" on the weight of a product》. I hope it can be helpful to you.

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